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The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.
John Foster Dulles

Our Business

SYR Solutions, L.P. is a Houston-based energy consulting company specializing in assisting businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies with the purchase and use of electricity and natural gas in deregulated markets.

We can help you achieve the lowest possible energy costs over time and receive service and billing options customized to your unique business needs. We offer a complete menu of services related to energy procurement and usage.

Our energy experience, business tools, market knowledge, and relationships with large and competitive retail providers enable us to obtain the most competitive prices and desirable service features through competition.

Distinctions that set us apart from others in our business include:

  • Experience, knowledge, and capabilities. Energy has always been our business and is not something we entered into only when U.S. markets deregulated. Our more than 50-years of experience includes electricity generation, wholesale, and retail in U.S. and foreign markets. We intimately understand the business and know how to deliver value.
  • Communication. We can articulate the relatively complex subject of energy service to you in ways that will allow you to understand your choices and make smart decisions without taking excessive time, and we will keep you informed throughout the contract.
  • Focus. We pay continuous attention to your needs and market conditions in order to provide you with timely advice about low price opportunities and renewal options.
  • Integrity and transparency. We do what we say we will to do and conduct business with total honesty and openness.

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Gulf Coast Power Association

Texas Energy Professionals Association