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By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

Why Us

  • We are relentless in pursuit of low electricity costs for you.
  • Our experience and expertise enables us to provide complete service.
  • You will always work with a principal in our company.
  • We intimately understand and track the electricity markets we serve.
  • We understand and know how and when to apply different forms of pricing.
  • We provide long term perspective and advice.
  • We proactively keep you informed but not over-loaded.
  • We have multiple major retailer relationships.
  • We are always accessible.
  • We save you enormous time and concern, in addition to money.
  • Our fees are reasonable and transparent.
  • Our Values govern our business practices and are never compromised.

Benefits of Using Us

  • Control of on-going electricity costs with confidence and minimal risk.
  • Low electricity costs over time irrespective of market conditions.
  • Access to major retailers and all forms of pricing and contracts.
  • Responsive support throughout the term of electricity contracts.
  • Pro-active market updates and alerts to future buying opportunities
  • Continuous focus on keeping future contract prices low


  • A common misrepresentation is pricing that does not include all ISO charges or is for the incorrect start date.
  • Aggregation groups (groups of customers banded together) cannot provide better price or service alternatives and generally restrict your contracting flexibility.
  • Our skill and experience are equal to or greater than in high profile regional or national consulting firms and you will receive more focused attention from us.
  • Retailers that discourage use of knowledgeable consultants may have something to conceal in their offerings or may be uncompetitive.
  • Business inclined to buy electricity without competent assistance should consider:
    • Competitive and viable candidate REPs change every year
    • Forms of price and contract offers from REPs change regularly
    • REPs can only provide advice, prices, and contracts their company offers
    • Customized pricing and service features may not be available or offered
    • You may not be advised if purchase timing is unfavorable
    • Electricity contracts are unique and difficult to compare
    • Contractual definitions of price can be ambiguous
    • Continuous low prices result from market knowledge and strategy and do not often come from routine purchasing when contracts expire